Self-Improvement Takes Many Forms

When thinking about self-improvement, developing physically and mentally are usually what comes to mind – but there is more to it than that.

evolve through spiritual knowledge

The options for improving physically are commonly acknowledged. Building bodily strength and stamina through regular indoor and outdoor exercise are important and, with the outdoors, comes breathing fresh air. Weight loss or gain, if appropriate, through changes in diet, are also desirable, as are eating healthier food, and getting plenty of rest and sleep.

Mental improvement comes through education, through reasoning, solving problems, making conversation, learning to make decisions, and acquiring useful knowledge. Mental ability is also developed through learning to control attention, focusing and concentrating, thoughtfulness, and improving memory.

What is less obvious is the need to develop emotionally and spiritually to round out the process.

Emotional self-improvement comes from recognizing and developing feelings in oneself and learning to control those feelings, and through becoming sensitive to the personal needs of, and towards, others. Being open and receptive to beauty, as found in nature, helps to develop sensitivity.

Spiritual development does not necessarily mean joining a religion or following religious practices. Spiritual development can come from being open to the possibilities of the hidden aspects of life, especially the beauty and wonders of the world, and exploring the meaning of existence. Taking time to explore spiritual teachings can enhance spiritual development and help to provide a firm foundation for living.

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