George Gurdjieff & The Fourth Way

George Gurdjieff. Image credit: author unknown.
George Gurdjieff. Image credit: author unknown.

Early in the twentieth century, the Greek-Armenian, George Gurdjieff (1872-1949) reputedly journeyed through Central Asia, in pursuit of esoteric knowledge of the full potential of man.

In this twenty-first century, the psychological teachings of George Gurdjieff, and his now-deceased chief pupils, J. G. Bennett and Peter Ouspensky, continue to have a global influence.

G. I. Gurdjieff taught a system for balanced, personal development in the tradition of the “Fourth Way”. This method for development of the soul has been variously termed: the way to heaven, enlightenment, consciousness, and self-realization.

The Fourth Way entails developing all sides of one’s being simultaneously (physical, mental, and emotional) yet without having to withdraw from the current circumstances of one’s life as required by other systems of spiritual development – such as the way of the yogi, the fakir and the monk.

Development of the soul occurs as a result of working consistently every day at self-observation, dividing attention, non-identification, and the non-expression and transformation of negative emotions. Consistent efforts deepen self-understanding and gradually bring about a change of being.

“Man is like a house wired for electricity but not yet connected to the mains.” G. I. Gurdjieff

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